Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pieces...times two

New release today in two colors: Pieces. With this set, you can choose to be casual but classy with a pair of leggings with lace on the legs, a short flex miniskirt and top, or go for the formal look with the long flex gown. Pieces comes in two colors: Black-lavender (my favorite!) or Black-roze. Quick tp here and hope you enjoy!

Monday, January 28, 2008


Ok ok...i will admit, i personally do not really like valentines day, but seeing all the nice red and pink outfits, and nice little gifts got me going aswell! I created two valentines day dresses, one up for sale for L$10 so everyone can enjoy a nice little red dress for this day with their loved one :)

And then my official valentines day 2008 creation, in....BLACK! yes..i had enough of the red and pink, and the good part of this is, you don't have to only wear it for valentines day :) This black valentines gown comes with many different options: A skirtbase (pants), a strapless top, a flexible gown with transperant laced layers on top, another flexible gown with sparkleblings (subtile!), black laced sheer stockings and a flexible laced scarf! Available in the back of the mainstore for now. Quick tp here!

Last but not least, I'm happy to announce that the next Fashion show S.Y.D. will participate in, will be at February 9 at the Serendipity Dreams location. This upcoming week i will place a poster with the LM for you all so you know where to go if you want to attend!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fashion Feed <3 & After the show :)

Click here to read all about the new Fashion feed blog from Ihearts <3!

Now, on to the show! S.Y.D. just had its first feature in a Fashion show tonight, organized by the ASA group of companies. Besides my own designs, designs were shown of Hoorenbeek, D-Factor, Bianca F., Simwear and jewels by Spiffany & Co. Here's a few quick pictures thanks to my friend Livve Wuyts. Some bloggers attended the show, so i'm sure there'll be more pictures soon! To celebrate, i decided to keep my Blush line gowns and regular gowns, up for sale for one more day. All blush gowns will be still L$100, and the velvet gowns L$50 in my mainstore, till tomorrow!

I'd like to thank Anastasio Docherty and Elise Mesereaux for organizing this event and all the Face2Face models who did an awesome job at moddeling!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Fashionshow tomorrow!

I'm excited to announce and invite everyone to come to the ASA & Face2Face fashion show tomorrow at 10 AM SLtime at the Greek official sim. This is the first time S.Y.D. takes part in a show, together with D-Factor, Bianca F, Hoorenbeek, Simwear and Spiffany&Co! The show was supposed to be for invites only, but we decided to put it open for everyone. However, sim full=sim full so be in time :) Hope to see you there tomorrow!

Reorganizing, new release & gown sale

Goodmorning folks!

Still busy re-organizing the mainstore and updating/retiring some items. Right now 4 Blush gowns are available for L$100 only untill this Saturday! After the fashionshow they'll go back to regular prices so grab your chance if you haven't done so ;)

All 4 velvet gowns are retiring and up for sale for $50 in the back of the mainstore untill saturday! Quick tp here.

And a new release I called rroooaaarrr (don't ask lol). The outfit includes a black pants with a hint of a leather texture, two different sculpted leg attachements, a vneck jersey with sculpted sleeve cuffs and a waistband on the jacket layer.

Hope to see some of you Saturday at the show!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New releases

^^ I gotta come up with better titles then that, but my brain is kinda empty now *lol*. Ok so few new things today! The second release of my Blush line, the Blue Mist gown. It includes a glitchpants, strapless top, flexi gown and optional arm sculpties cause i think they cute :P As promised, low priced for a limited time only (till saturday after the fashionshow)
Available in the back of the mainstore, quick tp
Then because it got requested so much, selling some items seperately. Soon more seperates will be sold, but for now there are 2 male pants and one unisex, all seperate for L$85.

Available in the front of the mainstore, quick tp

Monday, January 21, 2008

New male & mini sale!

I've just put out a note (almost an essay!lol) to my groupmembers, gonna share the same info here and try to keep it short ;)
First a new release for the males today, very simple and plain casual tee's. 4pack for L$95 in all possible layers. Available in my mainstore, quick tp here.

To make some room early on for the upcoming spring collection, I'm reorganizing the store a bit and having a mini sale going on for a couple of days. All on sale items are priced L$50, male outfit dresses and a gown for now, more follows soon!

Also a small correction: I've had some messages from people who weren't able to find the black grace gown from the Blush line. Its in the back of my mainstore, quick tp here. Sorry for the confusion!

What else is new? Ofcourse you've read about the opening of the Fab Free HQ today! Some nice freebies to find there from different designers. I've just put up a new one there ;) Also new: The opening of the First Look shop in SL. First look sells unique outfits for incredible affordable prices. (ranging from 1L$ to 50 L$). This is an initiative from LVS&CO, some L$1 outfits can be found from me aswell there. Take a look!

Another Fundraiser

My contribution for Another Fundraiser skins :) I only changed the facial make up somewhat, for a first time attempt i'm quite happy with the results! Read more here about Another Fundraiser.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Blush opening & CI square events!

Hey everyone! Got a lot of exciting news today so I'm going to try to keep it short. First of all, i've finally made the first release of my Blush line, this line will consist of special designed clothes which will be available for a limited time only and will be replaced by new items every month or so! The first release is the black Grace gown. The Grace gown comes with 2 different tops, one " ordinairy" and one more extravagant with some extra details on the cleavage ;). A flexi gown with some semi-sheer layers and black gloves. Whats the best part of this? The gown will be priced at L$100 for a limited time only, to celebrate the launch of the Blush line! You will find Blush items in the back of my mainstore, quick tp right here.

What else is exciting? To celebrate the opening of Passionate Neko's, the brand new mainstore of my neighbour Saur, there's a three day event going on at Cassi Island with Live DJ's, a dollarbee hunt and many, many freebies and givaways! For this cause i released two brand new freebies for you, you can find them at the square ;) Also you must visit the First look Store, an initiative from LVS & Co, with amazing clothes for affordable prices. To read all the details, read here!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Billy Jean

One new release today: Billy Jean! Billy Jean comes with a black belted, dark blue jeans with the option for sculpted leg attachements. The top is a simple, but sexy deep vcut black sleeveless top, which comes in a tucked version or untucked (for all you who wanna show your belly hehe). Quick tp here to the mainstore, or look at Shoponrez or Slexchange listings!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

For him and her!

A new release today for him AND her! :) Unisex warm knitted sweaters with prim collar and sculpted sleeves (yep i'm really getting the hang of sculpties!). They come in 4 colors: Black, brown red and blue. L$85 a piece, fatpack available for 200. Quick tp here! Enjoy :)

Monday, January 7, 2008

New releases

Hi everyone :) Just a short note on some new releases and a last notice before the textures go down forever (yes that sounds pretty dramatic eh? lol ) But yeah, the textures will be up one more day before i will take them all down so grab them while you still can! To celebrate the opening of my3rd store in the brandnew Elegant Whispers mall, i've released another L$1 gift: Jersey girl in pink.

Furthermore i've made some stockings - 7pack for 55 L$, 2 pack for L$25

And a casual outfit (i really couldn't think of a name for this one) including a dark blue belted jeans, casual black roundneck shirt with sculpted sleeves

All available at the mainstore, slexchange or shoponrez

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sweet Cherry & ongoing sale

When i logged on to SL today, i found a ton of Im's and the rest was capped, of people asking me to bring back the Christmas and Newyears gift gowns. So i put them back and keeping them up for a week longer :) Also the 50% sale on the gowns is over, however i lowered the prices on ALL gowns forgood. There's also a small sale still going on of some items which will be vanishing forever next week, starting at 10 L$! Texture packs are still L$1 for this week aswell.
Wheew, now on to the new release: Sweet Cherry gown. My first sculpt attempt (has been sitting in my inventory forever), not too bad eh? The pack includes a glitchpants, two different flexi gowns (one fluffy and wider, one more "regular", but both long) a lowcut beaded top and a sculpted waistband semi-transparent.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New year!

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Wishing you a year full of happiness joy and love :) The 50% off sale will last a couple more hours in my mainstore aswell as the free gown giveaway. On a more serious note, I decided to giveaway all my clothing texturepacks. Yep, thats right...i'd love to be able to say i did this out of the goodness of my heart (lol) but unfortunately thats not the case. I've included a note in the packs with the story, which i will copy here:

pack 5: golds

Dear Customer, Hope you enjoy your fabric texture pack :) These packs were created and originally sold by me in full permissions so clothing designers could use them creating their clothes. However, as we all know, selling something with full permissions in SL is resellers-paradise. So it didn't take long before my texture packs showed up in business in a box and other packs and were re-sold or given away. I've tried to stop this, spoke to (some very friendly, some NOT) the resellers, but after a while realized that my textures showed up in too many business in a box for me to go on selling them. Thats why i decided i might give them away myself then, rather then spending my time and energy trying to catch the " thieves". I will not be making clothing textures anymore for sale, as its really getting annoying and frustrating to spend hours on making something and seeing it stolen and spread around like that. Instead, i will focus my energy on clothing making alone ;). Thanks for your interest in the textures and thanks to the many LOYAL costumers who bought these and respected the rules of not spreading these :)


SySy Chapman

So thats the story..the textures will be up somewhere around a week or so, then will be gone forgood ;) No more texture selling for me! However, i do hope you enjoy the textures this way i can at least make some ppl happy with it :) Get them here or on slexchange. Happy newyear once again everyone, and expect some major new releases real soon!