Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New year!

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Wishing you a year full of happiness joy and love :) The 50% off sale will last a couple more hours in my mainstore aswell as the free gown giveaway. On a more serious note, I decided to giveaway all my clothing texturepacks. Yep, thats right...i'd love to be able to say i did this out of the goodness of my heart (lol) but unfortunately thats not the case. I've included a note in the packs with the story, which i will copy here:

pack 5: golds

Dear Customer, Hope you enjoy your fabric texture pack :) These packs were created and originally sold by me in full permissions so clothing designers could use them creating their clothes. However, as we all know, selling something with full permissions in SL is resellers-paradise. So it didn't take long before my texture packs showed up in business in a box and other packs and were re-sold or given away. I've tried to stop this, spoke to (some very friendly, some NOT) the resellers, but after a while realized that my textures showed up in too many business in a box for me to go on selling them. Thats why i decided i might give them away myself then, rather then spending my time and energy trying to catch the " thieves". I will not be making clothing textures anymore for sale, as its really getting annoying and frustrating to spend hours on making something and seeing it stolen and spread around like that. Instead, i will focus my energy on clothing making alone ;). Thanks for your interest in the textures and thanks to the many LOYAL costumers who bought these and respected the rules of not spreading these :)


SySy Chapman

So thats the story..the textures will be up somewhere around a week or so, then will be gone forgood ;) No more texture selling for me! However, i do hope you enjoy the textures this way i can at least make some ppl happy with it :) Get them here or on slexchange. Happy newyear once again everyone, and expect some major new releases real soon!

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