Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sweet Cherry & ongoing sale

When i logged on to SL today, i found a ton of Im's and the rest was capped, of people asking me to bring back the Christmas and Newyears gift gowns. So i put them back and keeping them up for a week longer :) Also the 50% sale on the gowns is over, however i lowered the prices on ALL gowns forgood. There's also a small sale still going on of some items which will be vanishing forever next week, starting at 10 L$! Texture packs are still L$1 for this week aswell.
Wheew, now on to the new release: Sweet Cherry gown. My first sculpt attempt (has been sitting in my inventory forever), not too bad eh? The pack includes a glitchpants, two different flexi gowns (one fluffy and wider, one more "regular", but both long) a lowcut beaded top and a sculpted waistband semi-transparent.

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