Thursday, December 19, 2013

Serious KittyCats?

Hello everyone,

The KittyCats mainstore is having an Adventcalendar in which everyone can pick up a free gift by a different creator every day for the month of December. Today, SYSY's is having a gift for the calendar!

Head on over to the KittyCats mainstore and in the middlesquare you'll find the advent calendar to pick up your gift :)

Furthermore, I've sent you some information about the Dutch Donation drive "Serious Request". It is still running and tomorrow is the last day. Today at 1pm SLT, my one of a kind gown will be auctioned off. You can bid on it for about 1.5 hour while listening to some tunes by the DJ's.

All proceeds go to the Red Cross, so any bids are welcome! This gown (gowns, two colors) are exclusively made for this event and ONE of a kind. This means, no one else in SL will have these, ever. A truly unique item to own!

Last but not least I want to thank ALL of you who already donated (there's a donation board in my mainstore & at the Serious Request location) and / or who purchased my limited edition Escapade dress of which all the proceeds go to the Red Cross aswell. Every little bit helps and i truly appreciate it!!

Thank you all so much, enjoy the gift and around Christmas Santa will deliver a special gift for all groupmembers ;)

// SySy

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Denim & Tweed

Goodday dear readers!

Here's a brand new release i'm really proud off: Denim and tweed skirts! I noticed there aren't many denim mesh skirts around in SL, unless they are really really incredibly mini, but I had trouble finding a nice lenght casual denim miniskirt. So i took a month and made them. Six colors for the denims are availalbe, 6 colors for the tweed variant. I hope you enjoy them!



Demo's and fatpacks available in world & on the marketplace.

Also let me take this oppurtunity to thank all of you who made donations for the Serious Request donation drive! I'm really happy to see so many of you came out and purchased the limited edition dress or just made a donation, I have some generous customers! The donation drive is still going, all the info about this is in the mainstore if you click the buttons you can get a note with everything explained, or click here to read the blogpost. The Limited edition dress is also still up for sale!
The auction of the one of a kind gowns will be in the week of Dec. 14-20, i'll announce the exact date and time for that soon!
Again thank you so much and your support is SO appreciated. I'm going to pick 5 random people who donated in the end on Dec. 20 and give them some giftcards as a thank you!

T/c, SySy

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Serious Request, serious matters.


A short message to tell you about something very important to me, and how you can be a part of it! Serious Request 2013 is here and if you visit SYSY's mainstore now, you'll find a donation board AND a limited edition of the Escapade dress, of which all proceeds go to the Red Cross. Serious Request is a Dutch Donation drive, the information on it is a bit long so for those interested, there is more to read on the bottom of this post ;)

You can pick this dress up now either at SYSY's Mainstore, or at the special Serious Request location. Furthermore, there will be an auction held, in the week of Dec. 14-20th in which a one of a kind gown will be auctioned off. I'll send information on that at a later date. Here's a sneak peek of the gown (s):
Furthermore, i've just released new stockings, compitable with the SLink AE system, in white! You can pick those up in the mainstore, or at the marketplace.

// SySy

Information on Serious Request 2013 & Serious Request SL 2013

Thank you for requestion some information on a charity donation drive dear to my heart, Serious Request! SYSY's is a proud sponsor of this Dutch Tradition, and by purchasing my donation item and/or bidding on my exclusive one of a kind Auction gowns you're supporting too! Each and every donation is appreciated, feel free to donate in the Donation box aswell :) You can purchase my items both in my mainstore, or at the Glasshouse Serious Request special store location. The auction item will be only available at the Glasshouse location. I will notify you when the time has come! Since this is a typical Dutch event, here's an English explaination of what it is all about, both in RL and in SL.
Thank you again,
// SySy Chapman

So, what *IS* this Serious Request thing?

Serious Request is a Dutch tradition, where 3 popular national radio DJ's will lock themselves up in a glass house, with lots of media attention to collect money for a chosen charity each year. It is held the week before Christmas.

3FM Serious Request in REAL LIFE

Together with Radio 3FM (a popular national Dutch Radio station, website here),  the Red Cross yearly combine their efforts to get help for these silent disasters.
In the week before Christmas DJ’s of radio 3FM will lock themselves inside a glass house and broadcast for 6 straight days, these days they do not eat, but just live on vegetable smoothies.
You can pay them to play your requests, that money will be used for the fund raiser.
Last year, they raised 12.251.667 euros (that is roughly 15 millon US Dollars) towards relief efforts against baby death.
This year the glass house will be in the town of Leeuwarden (Netherlands).

We ask your attention for a silent disaster, around 800.000 children who die yearly from diarrhea.
By a lack of clean drinking water, soap and sanitary abilities.
That is about 2200 children a day .
With the money we raise with this fund raiser, the Red Cross will supply clean drinking water, soap, the building of sanitary and training about good hygiene.

Especially young children under the age of 5 are most vulnerable, because there resistance is low and is getting less if they will not be treated.
Parents have no idea about what to do and how to avoid this problem, so that is why the Red Cross, with there millions of volunteers, will help with training.
That way the parents can save the lives of the little ones, because they can teach there children how to keep good hygiene, so that they won’t get sick.

What is Club NL doing in Second Life?

The SL version of Serious Request is starting a week earlier then the RL one. On Saturday December 14th 12.00 Central European time, the fund raiser will start.
The whole week 24/7 there will be music, played by a live dj, which like in the RL Serious Request, you pay to let him/her play your request.
There will be live artists and surprise quests. Also little actions and auctions will be there.
Our fund raiser will end on Friday December 20th 00.00 Central European time.
That same moment the raised money ( lindens converted to Euros) will be transferred to the RL Glass House in Leeuwarden. (There will be a site which will provide the details and verifications that the money indeed is transferred )
We ( the SL crew) were on national television before when we went over there to hand over the cheque with the raised money.
Last year we raised over a million lindens and we hope to get over the amount we had last year. But we need all your help.

What can you do???

-    Help us to promote our fund raiser, spread the word!
-    Purchase the specially created items in the Store across the Glass house!
-    Help to support our dj’s and hosts as they too won't be eating and playing 24/7 tunes for you!
-    Place a donation board at your location/club
-    Bid on one of the auction special items
-    Pass this note card on to other people.
-    Donate, donate, donate, donate and come party!

SL Serious Request 2013 is sponsored by Club NL, DX, Sasha's Designs, Nieuwland FM radio, SYSY's, Lola Creations, and Fashion-V.

For further questions you can IM one of the following people:

Virus Melody,  head organization SR and DJ's
petra oximoxi  hosts, auction, sponsoring
Stellie hazelnut  artists

You can also find us on facebook: (all in Dutch for the moment)

Sl Serious Request 2013 group Facebook
That way you can be kept informed.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Stay warm!

Goodevening all!

Two brand new releases are out today: a special combination as part of the Covert affairs Main event, winter theme. For cold winterdays and some comfort yet still to look stylish, the Sas sweaterdress with collar is perfect to combine with the diamond tights, available in 10 colors. Mix and match time!
This release comes in two parts, one part is available ONLY at the Main event location for a discounted price, the other part is available in my mainstore!


So for the Sas sweaters, available in 8 different colors visit SYSY's here

And to get the 10 pairs of tights compitable with SLink feet (works without aswell!) take a taxi to the event, where you'll also find some other lovely creations from designers across the grid

 Hope you enjoy and stay warm!
// SySy