Saturday, October 24, 2009

L$99 SALE on selection of Gowns and dresses!

WOOOOT! It's that time again, a selection of gowns and dresses are on a retirement sale for L$99 this weekend only~! All those are L$99 to never return again in store after this weekend so grab your change!

Find them on the wall in the teal/green room where the formals are, the wall is marked with a big red star so you can't miss!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Iloa, tweedy 3 and Athena's cup!

Hello hello!

SySy here with a bunch of new separates for you which you can mix and match awesome together!
First off, i created the Iloa pants. These pants are typically the comfortable pants who can be worn for basically any occasion, they can be very casual, but also go for a little more dressed occasions! The pants do come ONLY on the pant layer, this has to do with the fact that the looseness of the pants is set to a certain amount to make it look this flowy, which is not possible on the SL underlayerpants, alas! They do come with sculpted leg attachements and belt. 5 colors available, OR a highly reduced fatpack :) Shown here in black:

Other colors available are: aubergine, brown, green and navy.

On to the other separates: Tweedy v. 3! Yes, the third and LAST tweedy series of this season, these are the turtle neck sleeveless tops, with a slightly different cut and different collar and colours. Come in all layers so very great piece to combine with basically everything you see fit. These are also seperately avaialbe aswell as in a discounted fatpack :)
Shown here in black (with the aubergine Iloa pants):

A sidenote: To purchase the seperates you have to get the little folded staples which are right under the photo vendor. I thought this was a cute way to present them :)
Your taxi is here~!

AND..last but not least, I'm asking your attention today for someting important: Athena's Cup. Alysha Rennahan has taken the initiative to bring Athena's Cup into SL and gathered a bunch of designers who created a special limited edition item for the cause. Here's you can read about what Athena's cup does.

I've created a lingery pink ribbon set, which is now up in the special Athena's cup kiosk in my mainstore! L$150 for this set of which 100% of the proceeds will go to Athena's cup to help them reach their goal! (pssst...the kiosk also accepts higher donation amounts..i'm just sayin :P)


Friday, October 16, 2009

Peek-a-sparkle & more :)


I'm totally into gowns these days, so here are my newest: Peek-a-Sparkle! Very sexy sides which are open and an open back. Sparkles on the buste flowing down with a lean primskirt for an elegant and sexy look :) Five colors are available, each set comes with all layers as usual.
BUT! there's more!
As i already did halloween (bitch,pls) gifts for the SCD hunt i thought it was a nice idea to offer brandnew gowns for just L$10~! Two colors are up of the Autumn Queen gown, it comes with many wearing options (lean skirt, medium wide skirt with belt, or wide ballgown style) and one has an orangy/brownish halloween color, the other is my favorite Teal/green color!

You will find all creations at the right wall in the entry room of my mainstore!

Two gowns up untill Halloween L$10 Autumn Queen:

<3 SySy

Saturday, October 10, 2009



It's time for new gowns again...but not just your regular gowns, i made gowns in rich and funky colors with an ethnic touch to them. The back is lowcut to a point where its still acceptable :P the front part is layered with a silky upperpart, ornamental buste and flows over in funky colored fabric in the actual gown. Gown comes with three prim parts, the centre part can be worn alone or wear the optional leg attachements for dancing and moving etc.
Three color combinations are available, each set comes in all layers.

Taxi to Mainstore :)

Hope you enjoy!
<3 SySy

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SySy wears: PXL & B@re rose!

Every now and then my eye catches something so pretty I just want to blog it on my own blog and play unofficial fashionblogger :) Today this happened when i saw Hart's new Luthien elf skins! Totally AWESOMESAUCE! The skins come with five make up variations and each skin can be worn with or without the tattoo.

Ofcourse i was immediately in Hart's im asking where to get ears and that great outfit *lol*. Here's two pics of SySy Elf which i'm so gonna be for Halloween YAY!

Both outfits are from B@rerose done by the talented June Dion, and as with almost all her designs they come with a ton of options and several colors! Picture one is outfit "Dragon Arts", picture two is "Wood Elf Archer lady".

I'm in love! I'm off to wander around some forrest in my pretty new Elf look!

Taxi to PXL skins
Taxi to B@re rose


Friday, October 2, 2009

Glam expo!

Hi sweeties! Glamour Expo will open tomorrow and i'm excited! My contribution is a special edition of my Empire gown in pink. This gown will ONLY be available during the expo and 50% of proceeds will go to Care International.

Here is the official pressrelease:

We are proud to present you the "Glamour Expo" 2009 at the Vanity Universe Sim.

The Expo will open on october 3 th , 2009 at 3 Am SLT.

Donations for the aid organization "Care" will be collected during this event.
"Care" is an international aid organization founded to relieve the distress and poverty worldwide,
regardless of any  political tendencies,  religion or ethnicity.

"Care" is currently seeking donations needed urgently in order to help those suffering
hunger in Africa, because their situation has worsened dramatically due to the current
worldwide economic crisis. It is my intention that the funds collected here will be
used primarily for children projects.

50 % of the rental revenues will be donated to Care,as well as the designer items sold via the " Care vendors " .Some designers specially -designed dresses for the fair which are only available  here- In addition, we have also donation boxes for a care donation positioned.

More than 60 international designers will be represented.

At this Expo designers will be presenting their latest fashion and style
collections such as brand new designs for men and women party fashion
and formal wear.

Besides the 'big players' we managed to attract many smaller designers as well
as some promising newcomers which will definitely value a visit to the Expo.

Additionally many designers have been preparing nice goodies for the visitors.

We're looking forward to meeting you at Vanity Universe!

Vanity Universe
Nadja Baxter
Following are some important information:
Dates to know
3 th. October 3 Am SLT opening
16.october to 18 th. OCTOBER Glamour Expo Hunt
18 tth october Expo ends

I hope to see you ALL tomorrow when the Expo opens! Here's your taxi ride!

<3 SySy