Friday, October 16, 2009

Peek-a-sparkle & more :)


I'm totally into gowns these days, so here are my newest: Peek-a-Sparkle! Very sexy sides which are open and an open back. Sparkles on the buste flowing down with a lean primskirt for an elegant and sexy look :) Five colors are available, each set comes with all layers as usual.
BUT! there's more!
As i already did halloween (bitch,pls) gifts for the SCD hunt i thought it was a nice idea to offer brandnew gowns for just L$10~! Two colors are up of the Autumn Queen gown, it comes with many wearing options (lean skirt, medium wide skirt with belt, or wide ballgown style) and one has an orangy/brownish halloween color, the other is my favorite Teal/green color!

You will find all creations at the right wall in the entry room of my mainstore!

Two gowns up untill Halloween L$10 Autumn Queen:

<3 SySy

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