Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SySy wears: PXL & B@re rose!

Every now and then my eye catches something so pretty I just want to blog it on my own blog and play unofficial fashionblogger :) Today this happened when i saw Hart's new Luthien elf skins! Totally AWESOMESAUCE! The skins come with five make up variations and each skin can be worn with or without the tattoo.

Ofcourse i was immediately in Hart's im asking where to get ears and that great outfit *lol*. Here's two pics of SySy Elf which i'm so gonna be for Halloween YAY!

Both outfits are from B@rerose done by the talented June Dion, and as with almost all her designs they come with a ton of options and several colors! Picture one is outfit "Dragon Arts", picture two is "Wood Elf Archer lady".

I'm in love! I'm off to wander around some forrest in my pretty new Elf look!

Taxi to PXL skins
Taxi to B@re rose


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