Monday, January 21, 2008

New male & mini sale!

I've just put out a note (almost an essay!lol) to my groupmembers, gonna share the same info here and try to keep it short ;)
First a new release for the males today, very simple and plain casual tee's. 4pack for L$95 in all possible layers. Available in my mainstore, quick tp here.

To make some room early on for the upcoming spring collection, I'm reorganizing the store a bit and having a mini sale going on for a couple of days. All on sale items are priced L$50, male outfit dresses and a gown for now, more follows soon!

Also a small correction: I've had some messages from people who weren't able to find the black grace gown from the Blush line. Its in the back of my mainstore, quick tp here. Sorry for the confusion!

What else is new? Ofcourse you've read about the opening of the Fab Free HQ today! Some nice freebies to find there from different designers. I've just put up a new one there ;) Also new: The opening of the First Look shop in SL. First look sells unique outfits for incredible affordable prices. (ranging from 1L$ to 50 L$). This is an initiative from LVS&CO, some L$1 outfits can be found from me aswell there. Take a look!

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