Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fashion Feed <3 & After the show :)

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Now, on to the show! S.Y.D. just had its first feature in a Fashion show tonight, organized by the ASA group of companies. Besides my own designs, designs were shown of Hoorenbeek, D-Factor, Bianca F., Simwear and jewels by Spiffany & Co. Here's a few quick pictures thanks to my friend Livve Wuyts. Some bloggers attended the show, so i'm sure there'll be more pictures soon! To celebrate, i decided to keep my Blush line gowns and regular gowns, up for sale for one more day. All blush gowns will be still L$100, and the velvet gowns L$50 in my mainstore, till tomorrow!

I'd like to thank Anastasio Docherty and Elise Mesereaux for organizing this event and all the Face2Face models who did an awesome job at moddeling!

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