Friday, January 18, 2008

Blush opening & CI square events!

Hey everyone! Got a lot of exciting news today so I'm going to try to keep it short. First of all, i've finally made the first release of my Blush line, this line will consist of special designed clothes which will be available for a limited time only and will be replaced by new items every month or so! The first release is the black Grace gown. The Grace gown comes with 2 different tops, one " ordinairy" and one more extravagant with some extra details on the cleavage ;). A flexi gown with some semi-sheer layers and black gloves. Whats the best part of this? The gown will be priced at L$100 for a limited time only, to celebrate the launch of the Blush line! You will find Blush items in the back of my mainstore, quick tp right here.

What else is exciting? To celebrate the opening of Passionate Neko's, the brand new mainstore of my neighbour Saur, there's a three day event going on at Cassi Island with Live DJ's, a dollarbee hunt and many, many freebies and givaways! For this cause i released two brand new freebies for you, you can find them at the square ;) Also you must visit the First look Store, an initiative from LVS & Co, with amazing clothes for affordable prices. To read all the details, read here!

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Tuli Asturias said...

Hoi SySy, groetjes terug =P