Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gowns...& Masquerade :)

Goooodevening all :) Here to tell you about the new releases, the Marlene gowns i made, AND...*drumroll* lol the grand opening of the Grotto is tonight from 8pm-10pm SLT! What's the grotto you ask? It's the brandnew gorgeous ballroom from LVS&co on the Cassi Island sim. Specially created for events, parties and such! The great fun tonight, will be not only the dancing and partying, Ravenlynn and myself made limited edition gowns exclusively for this opening. The gowns are on sale ONLY for this event, to retire forever after!
The opening is at 8pm SLT, but since that is 5am in the night for me and I have a RL job to attend two hours later, i'll be sleeping probably ;) So i'm probably not going to be there. The gowns will go on sale that hour, however my own gown WILL be already on sale earlier. When? When i go to bed *LMFAO!* which is between now and 2 hours.
Here's my own contribution for the opening, this gown Fleur Noir will be gone with the wind (insert dramatic voice here) after the ball forever...
*****UPDATE: I'm deeply sorry for the short notice, but I just recieved word that the ball will be postponed!
Due to some unforseen circumstances, the ball will be postponed until further notice.. not cancelled, just pushed back a little.

Love you all..
Ravenlynn & Mesostopheles

I've also released the Marlene gown yesterday, available in 3 colors (each set has all layers, and 2 skirts to choose from, wide and poofy or lean and long, comes with a flexi sculpted backribbon aswell)

These are available in the mainstore right now :)
Hope you all enjoy and attend the grand Masquerade ball tonight for the grand opening of The Grotto! (You might run into me there afterall..since i know i'm an insomniac anyway lol)

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