Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sy suggests :D

Goodevening all,

While my mainstore is *still* being worked on (lol bare pls pls! last change this week i PROMISE! Mike Denneny is building me the awesomest store EVARRRR) i've released two outfits in a new section: Sy Suggests :) I thought it was kinda fun to make one of a kind outfits, meaning just releasing them in one color/combination and include the entire stylecard. I even made my very first bracelets with one of them! :D
So, let me post the two first ones in this line, starting with "Hi Sweetiepie!":

Hi Sweetiepie comes with a capris style pants, sculpted cuffs, a sweet white tunic, white short socks and matching bangle bracelets :) All layers available.

Next one is Hoodie girl, a simple black hoodie outfit, black pants with flared leg attachements, short hoodiesweater with sculpted hoodie and cuffs.

Hope you enjoy these! Taxi for the mainstore right here :)
<3 SySy

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