Monday, January 5, 2009

So wtf is SySy doing?

^^ Hi all! HAPPY NEWYEAR if i haven't wished you it yet in world <3!!!
Just an update here on what I'm upto LOL, since there's so much going on and I haven't really taken the time to blog properly ;)
Let me first of all post the new pants i did, so for those of you not interested in all other events can skip easily ;)
Tartan pants! With flared legs to give a funky edge :) Come in both layers, 4 colors available seperately. Taxi to mainstore here!

I want to thank everyone who so generously donated to the Make a Wish foundation during the Stylista Festival! And ofcourse all the volunteers, models, hosts, musicians and designers, everyone who contributed. It has been a blast and it's wonderfull to be able to do something so needed. Congrats to Wenadrenia Soderstrom on the winning bid on my one of a kind design <3! Special warm thanks to RubyStarlight Writer for organizing this! She's just ffin awesome!!!!! My newest release which i will put out probably tonight, i'm naming after her: The Ruby babydoll dress :D Piccy?

And guess what? The mainstore is finally ready! I think i can win an award for changing my mainstore building the most often, lol, but i promise this is here to stay for a good while. Check out the lovely ballerina statue by the rezzables, which I actually won on the Black Swan NY's party (lucky me!)

Besides designing new outfits I'm currently busy with some amazing upcoming events:

*Captured Photography book release & tradeshow, Jan. 19th
*Mantova International Art & Fashion festival by Runway productions and Mantova group, January 12 – January 16 2009
*EFA Amsterdam Itnl. Fashionweek RL & SL fashionshow, Jan. 26th
*Butterfly Modeling agency showcase, Feb. 7th
*Black Swan Winter Magic: still running!
*Opening of Shaples Island stores, Jan. 17th

**UPDATE** ^^ OMG LMFAO *dead on the floor*...I guess Luna kinda wanted to make the point I have to set up my store @ Shaples...look what i found *tears of laughter*
MUAH Luna, setting up as we speak!!!!

That's all for now, lots to do as you can see :) Stay tuned for Ruby's release soon!


Ana Lutetia said...

love the new tartan sets

Felicity Blumenthal said...

what Ana said =)

Luna Jubilee said...

Adorable newness Sy!!

And it sooo wasn't me I swear. It was Brad!! Everyone has to see this giant noob camped out at your store!! ROFL (Welcome to SHAPLES too sweetie) <333