Sunday, January 18, 2009

Divine tea candy feathers captured!

Hi people! OMG i think SL (tm) actually WORKS again :D YAY!

Long time no blog, been soooo crazy busy lately but here's an update :) New dresses and gowns are released! First the Tea Candy dress, this is something different then what you're used from me. I wanted to really make a candy-doll-hint-of-vintage-funny type of dress, in girlie girlie colors. The dress comes in several layers and two colors: babyblue and pink:

And i've just released the Divine feather gown, a long lean evening gown with fishtail type of skirt, feathers surrounding for a funky edge in three colors (all layers are included):

Also i've recieved lots of requests (ok, three LOL) for the Flakes in the shadow collection in other colors, so I did one in white/ice blue! Both dresses are available in the mainstore now that the Black Swan winter magic event is over.

Last but not least: I'm working on a one of a kind design for the Heart of Love initiative, which I actually wanted to already have up but time didnt'allow me. Please keep your eyes on this blog as im gonna put it up real soon now. You'll find a red heart donation box in my store aswell where you can donate (read here all the info about this wonderful initiative!) and every single donation is SO appreciated!

Getting ready for the Captured tradeshow and much awaited book release (hear that Impa? :P:P) tomorrow, members of my group will have an invitation sent, this event is gonna kick some serious @ss so 1pm SLT GOL sim tomorrow is the place to be! Might see you there :)

<3 SySy

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