Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas thoughts & wishes :)

Hey everyone! Annah's sweet post inspired me and got me all emo mooded *lol*, so here's a few words from me to you.

I can't help but noticing myself overthinking my RL aswell as SL with the end of the year nearing, and this time i'm alllll in Christmas mood, while I normally don't have that. With in RL a very dear co worker of mine losing the battle of his cancer, I realize that i'm blessed to have my health, my wonderfull husband, my friends and family and that my parents are well.

And in SL? Wow. I can't begin to tell you how truly happy I am to be able to do what i do, that it has grown this far and for all the support i'm recieving. I've made some aswesome new friends in my two years in SL, and I can't possibly thank all my customers enough :) Be it a friendly notecard or IM, be it some friendly words of encouragement, be it even some critic which helps me grow further, i'm truly happy for all of your feedback!

So from this place i'm wishing everyone happy holidays, a warm Christmas and all the best for the new year! ((((( Javabox, Celie, Mick, CK, Zaara, Dutch, Discman, Laetitia, Ruby, Wenadrenia, Analu, Laura, Ben, Hab, Jenny and many many others)))) big hugs to you :)

Okayyyy and now i must rush back to my mainstore, where everything is a HUGE chaos cause i'm rebuilding while i'm open! LMFAO. Bad idea, i know, however its very funny and even nice to see customers are still shopping while everything is half in the air and such. And it's nice to have some company while rebuilding :D WOOOT!



Faery Sola said...

*Big Hugs* Merry Christmas SySy :)


*hugs you back*

I am glad I inspired you! We all should thank for what we have, not only in Christmas, but every day of the year!

Merry Christmas for you, hun :)