Friday, October 17, 2008

HUGE halloween sale and more

Hi everyone!
A quick post before i dive in my bed and get some sleep finally ;)

Starting tomorrow Oct. 18 is the Halloween huge clearance sale! Every item in the special sale department (on the right wing of my mainstore) will be L$99! Yep thats right :) Most of these outfits wont'return, some of them will get a make over ;)
The sale will last the whole month of October!
Depending on when i have time tomorrow to set the vendors, the sale will start. It will be probably early in the morning for USA folks,somewhere in the afternoon for Europeans.

Also you'll find some nice L$1 goodies under the tree at the Halloween section ;) For now its just one, however I'll be adding more during the month!

What else is new? The Haunted gown....suitable for halloween but also a classic gown which can be worn in every season. Specially priced down to 99L$ aswell during the month October, after that it will be sold for regular prices, so if you like the gown, i'd get it now ;)

I hope you all like the new layout of the store! Still unfinished though (as usual lol) but it's starting to finally look like I want to :)
Quick taxi? :P

Untill next time,

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