Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wooot. "Distastefull" for Obama poster. lmfao

Keeping this short, but couldn't resist to respond. Someone appearantly isn't amused by me having an Obama poster in my store. Read the original post right here.

After posting a emotionally loaded responce in the comments, I decided to go drama for once and post a responce right here, on my own blog.
For "anonymous" and everyone else who thinks i'm "distastefull" for having a freaking poster in my store with someone on it who I think can actually mean something to the world (NOT just to the US):

Mc. Cain supporters, Obama supporters, people of every nationality, color, race, religion or no matter what, you are all welcome in my store :D

Nite! Keep an eye on the next blog for the new releases I was actually going to post ;)


Ivey Deschanel said...

I swear people...FIND something to do thats somewhat productive. WTF does having an Obama poster in a store have to do with anyone except the person who put it up. Plenty of stores and homes in RL have political support posters in their windows and lawns. Take a look around. If that makes a difference whether you shop at their store, then that shows how narrow your mind is and how much the Constitution means to you. I'm thrilled that people from other countries have knowlegde and care about our upcoming election. It's a big deal all over the world.
Beliefs and opinions never hurt's hatred, predjudice and violence in the NAME of an belief that hurts everyone. Lighten up ffs. Sy love, it's your store. You do what's in your heart and damn anyone who tells you to do differently.


Green Dream said...

It kind of matches the decor, anyways, with the style of art used. And yes, because of the position that the United States holds in politics and economics, our elections are not confined to us, for better or for worse.

I'd be interested to see what kind of response would be garnered if someone put up the Maverick in their shop. Another artsy poster, too... Hey SySy, you have any satellite shops for research? XD

Anonymous said...

Do people just look for things to get pissed off about? If that's how their second life is, imagine what their first life must be like! After the last 8 years, what's wrong with the whole world hoping for Change?

Eurydice Barzane said...

SySy: I love you for having that poster in your shop ~ if you lost one customer/friend you now have another for life.

Almost everyone in the world has an interest in the outcome of this election. The idea that only Americans can have an opinion on the candidates is incredibly insulting. Bush Jr. was was happily endorsing his preferred Prime Minister for my country (Australia) before our last election. (thankfully, his preferred candidate ~ the sitting Prime Minister ~ lost both the election and his seat :)

I'm happy to admit I want Obama to win this election. Even conservative commentators like Pat Buchanan are saying 'McCain will make Cheney look like Ghandi'...

My son and his American wife live in California and I want my family safe from harm.

Obama 08


Sascha's Designs said...

Schatje, ik zou zo zeggen tegen die idioten: "kiss my ass!"

I would vote for Obama as well!

Zaara said...

hugsssssssss sysy <3
Nice pic BTW :P

its just a poster, gawdddd

Nivaya Barbosa said...
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Nivaya Barbosa said...

A close friend of mine received a note recently, from someone explaining that though they have been a fan of hers for a long time, they would no longer be shopping in her store, due to a poster she has up in support of Obama.
So, you're not alone in being targetted by this...silliness, political intolerance seems to be rife, and it really rather sucks.
The person who sent the note to my friend said that she had no problem with the fact that she /supported/ Obama, but with the fact that there was propaganda there when she went to shop. Which struck me as...I dunno, worse, somehow.

(sorry for the previous deleted comment of mine, I wish there was an edit button!)

Amanda Amaterasu said...

OK, before I get started with this post, a couple of things:

1) I am American.
2) I will vote for Obama.

With that being said... I can understand why some Americans have an issue with non-Americans taking an interest in our politics. I've had plenty of SL Europeans screaming at me about Dubya once they find out I'm American, like I ever voted for the man. And based on a lot of conversations I've had, a lot of non-Americans only think they know what's really going on here. (Why no, I've never owned a gun or been shot at, thank you very much.) I do appreciate your support and interest, but I can understand why some Americans would not appreciate your opinion.

SySy Chapman said...

^^ Amanda, i can also somewhat understand why some american's can't appreciate me having an opinion on the US elections....
However i do feel everyone is entitled to having an opinion worldwide about the US pres. election, since its about the most powerfull positions in the world. It concerns us all. But that aside, i still think everyone can feel/think what they want on whatever topic...

I wasn't even voicing my opinion or anything, besides having ONE poster of Obama in my store.
If anyone feels THIS offended by that, and doesnt'wanna shop at my store anymore for that reason? I'm totally fine with that ;) Not gonna loose any sleep over it LOL

Thanks everyone for your reactions :)

Anonymous said...

Sysy, I don't know you, never been in your shop, but I so will come there and see your goodies. It is freaking wonderful, that you support Obama, which I do as well, but can't vote( I am not american). Most idiots in SL who hate on you for having a poster in your shop are none but disgruntled rePOOPlicans who are mad, because mclame and his lipstick running mate are on a loosing streak. Do your thing girl, and I will send all my dem subs and sissy's to your shop, to buy your store empty. Obama/ Biden in 2008 and 2012!

PS: My comment here at the trolls blog :

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Good on ya SySy, let the small minded idiots kiss your juicy ass ;)

America is one of the major superpowers, we should ALL be concerned who may be involved in making decisions for the country as this can affect the whole world.

I'm in UK and I say Obama all the way...

SySy Chapman said...

(ages later...)