Monday, October 13, 2008

This is insane.

Hi people...Gosh i've been busy with things i wish i wouldnt' have to be busy with. I'm defending myself and explaining myself as to why i had a obama poster in my store. Can it get any more ridiculous? I'm loosing my patience on this yall. Here's ANOTHER blog who feels the need to write about it.

I'm SICK of the argument that according to this blog poster, SL is merely for fun and can't be mixed with political issues. I'm not mixing ANYTHING, i had a fuggin POSTER UP. thats IT. ffs. That aside, the argument now is that SL is merely for fun and to escape reality. Yes, that can be the case for some, but its not to all. Secondly......when i for example posted the sept. 11 remembarance post, NO ONE did complain then. NO one told me THEN that SL and serious RL issues shouldnt' be mixed. NO ONE complained THEN that i'm not an American.
When we do Relay for Life, to me thats pretty damn serious. That's pretty damn RL, isn't it. Complaining then too? NO ONE.

With the risk of loosing clients over this, which i'm very well aware off, i'm gonna say one final thing on this whole RIDICULOUS issue.

I WILL continue to do what i see fit, no matter if its participating in Relay for Life, showing my support for the families and victims from the Sept. 11 attacks, voicing my opinion on matters important to me and friends AND, i WILL hang posters in my store of who or what I SEE FIT.
Don't like it or got a problem with it? Close your eyes or simply don't come in my store then, if it's THAT much of a bother to you.

Lastly, about SCD. I originally like the idea of SL Secret very much. But I think its should be about SECRETS. It's anonymously done, for a reason. Trying to slam a certain person, a certain store or anything like that, to me hasn't got anything to do with a secret but is just plain public hating and drama creating as some ppl love to do so much in here. YUCK.
/end blowing off steam.

Next post will be about clothes again.
A tired, dissapointed and amazed SySy


Cajsa Lilliehook said...
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Cajsa Lilliehook said...

Please don't assume that most Americans are so close-minded and shallow as those who criticize you for having an opinion on the election. Most Americans realize that the world is affected by who wins and loses in our elections and certainly the world is much worse off thanks to our last two elections.

As to those who think fashion and politics don't mix, well, they know NOTHING about fashion. Fashion is often the artistic expression of political reality. As the social and political mileau changes, the fashions of the day change. The wild exuberance of the sixties politics was reflected in the wildly exuberant fashions such as Pucci prints and the like. The nihilism of the Bush era reflected in nihilistic goth fashions.

Moreover, that blogger clearly has never read Vogue. The best and most thorough interview of Colombia'a president was in Vogue. MarieClaire's profile of Theresa Heinz Kerry made me a Kerry supporter in the 2004 primary. FAshion and politics are intertwined and will always be.

However, as free as you are to express your opinion, clearly customers are free to go elsewhere. Sadly one didn't have the grace to do so without calling for censorship and drama.

Roisin Hotaling said...

Cheers for you, SySy! One of our fundamental freedoms is that of speech. I admittedly, as an Obama supporter, don't like seeing McCain signs in either FL or SL; but if someone chooses to display one it's their choice. (Not to say I wouldn't attempt to rationally discuss it with them if given the opportunity.)

Raven said...

sweetie your just having a hell of a weekend aren't you.
All I can say honey is ignore the silliness and keep making your wonderfull designs. Don't let the view of a small handful of people tarnish or take away from what your doing.
Keep up the good work hun

Ana Lutetia said...


Connie Molinaro said...

Well said Sysy! Respect and freedom of speaking most are the most important things and basic rules in life. Keep up the good work, hugs Connie

Rosie said...

I've been watching this issue and I really am in shock at some people's behavior. I *do* believe that you continue to risk losing customers over this, just like a rl company might in the same situation... but I also believe that the two are completely different. When did SL become about mirroring RL totally and completely to the extreme?

In many RL companies it is frowned upon to mix politics and business, very true. But in SL, it's always been about the kitchy way we can all do our own thing, decorate how we like, publicize our opinions and beliefs and share with an entire community.

I don't see at all how you posting this poster in your store is any different than a store that posts pictures of their friends, etc. This is *not* some sterile Fortune 500 Company, people, it's an individual artist expressing her views.

Cajsa Lilliehook said...

I wonder what part of real life the folks who say RL businesses don't show their politics are talking about.

For example, Steve Case of AOL is a rightwing religious fanatic who supports all sorts of reaction and sometimes crazy policies. Verizon CEO has not only maxed to McCain, he gave an additional 30,000 to McCain's leadership PAC. Microsoft gives mostly to REpublicans. Outback Steakhouse is right wing, so is Dominos and Pizza Hut. One of the reasons we don't have national health insurance is thanks to the efforts of Pizza Hut CEO and the reason it was so long before an increase in the minimum wage? Outback Steakhouse - a company that actually wants to eliminate the minimum wage. Some of the food processing companies want to eliminate child labor laws. So, those who say RL businesses DON't get political are misinformed.

Shelby Rasmuson said...

It's your store..
You have the right to do whatever you feel like with it.
Politics or not, I hate anyone telling me what I'm supposed to be doing. You have the right to express yourself, I can't believe anyone would think otherwise.

SySy Chapman said...

thanks everyone really for commenting.

I've had SO many im's, notecards and messages sent to me today, 99% of positive and supportive reactions. You all have no idea how good that does me...
This whole thing happening, i couldn't dream of it turning like this.

Thank you to ALL who contacted me and for your kind words. It's appreciated SO much! <3

Rowan Carroll said...

As someone who was slapped upside the head by an SL Secret.. you gotta make the best of it.. Even if people are slamming your store.. at least they know you have one... I think the best idea for you.. turn these lemons into lemonades and make a freebie Obama outfit.. with a sweet twist or something funny.. Get people now while they have your store in their minds. :} and NEVER let the naysayers get you down!

Sascha's Designs said...

Well sweetie, who would have thought that by putting up an artsy-fartsy poster of an American would cause this much fuzzzzzzz.

Lol, how about a Dutchie next time?
(dan kunnen we tenminste alle Nederlanders een schop onder hun hol geven als die zo achterlijk reageren, lekker kinderachtig van me om in het Ned. te schrijven).

SySy for President!!!

SySy Chapman said...


stelletje gekken toch niet normaal meer zo'n reactie HAHA. Achteraf lach ik me dood... ;)
*hugs Sas*