Thursday, April 24, 2008

Instyle SL's next Fashion Icon

I've found SL's next Fashion Icon!;) Let me first of all state that this blogpost is entirely written because I want too, and is in no way a promotional stunt on Loxley's behalf. I just feel that this woman deserves to be in the spotlight, as its rarely for me to meet people in SL (tm) who make you feel that they are sincere and truthfull from the first moment on. Lox applied for the Instyle SL Next Fashion Icon contest and has made it to the second round. As she told me, I was excited for her and delighted to hear she 's also chose some of my designs to wear :) One of the assignments she had to do was doing a short article on a designer, and she asked me. So we did a short interview and shot some pictures, it was nice to talk to her.

I've met Loxley Tatham several months ago when she walked into my mainstore. We chatted somewhat, and ever since then she would sometimes just come to look me up or IM me for a chat. She's always friendly and i'm just in someway touched by her sincerity. I think the judges from Instyle feel the same on that one ;)
To keep it short, I just want to put Loxley in the spotlight for this moment and (for as far as thats possible lol) endorse her into becoming SL Next Fashion Icon. Because no matter how good you look on the outside, its the inside which makes a person beautiful. I think Loxley has those qualities BOTH. I'm excited to see how far she's gonna make it in this contest and my best wishes and goodluck goes out to ALL candidates, with Loxley in particular :P.

Cheers for now, I'm back into PS designing outfits for the Wheelies fund!

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