Monday, April 28, 2008

Male sale & Wheelies :)

Hi everyone, after some hard and serious thinking about this, i've decided to stop designing Male wear. I know i know, there's a shortage of male wear in SL already, but designing male stuff just isn't where my heart is. I've noticed myself feeling like quickly HAVING to design a male outfit, and this is not the way to go. I want my designs to come from my heart, not because its about time to release another male outfit. Maybe this will change in the future, if it does, I will start doing male wear again. With that all said, for this week all male items are on a L$50 sale, and they are all transfer! So you can easily buy something for your friend/lover ;) Sale will end this Saturday, so make sure to grab some outfits! Find the sale on the secondfloor of the mainstore and pick up a nice gift along the way ;)
P.S. Wanna show some <3 to Ben, who is about to kill me right now, tell him i still luv him LMFAO ;)

Ok what else? WHEELIES! Here's my special release for the Wheelies fund, its really girly girly pink/purple and all proceeds with go to Wheelies at the initiative of Sasy <3

Furthermore i'm changing some things in the mainstore and I'm busy setting up several satelitte stores :D. Expect new releases at the end of this week again, when i'm done reorganizing and setting up everything!

Untill next time,
<3 SySy

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