Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wena weeeeeeeenaaaah wena :)

Evening all :)

I've released some fun cocktail/party gowns a couple of days ago, named Wena after my friend Wenadrenia Soderstrom :) The wena gowns come in three colors: red, olive and violet. Each pack has all the layers for easy wearing, and a flexi flary skirt. I'm getting the hang of handdrawing so these are all handdrawn as i plan to do all my newer releases :D

Up in the mainstore! (which btw, omg yes i KNOW, i'm changing...again. I KNOW. Is there an award somewhere for "designer most often changed mainstore"?)

Now for something else and totally exciting: The Digital Alchemy event!
From Rezzable:

Fashion Inspired by Ancient Egypt is having its first fashion show tomorrow, Wednesday 2pm SLT, just for bloggers and press. If you have not received your invite then please IM Lokum Shilova to be added to the access list. The main fashion show will be on Friday February 6 at 2pm SLT. The fashion area will be open to public but the rest of the gallery you will need to register with our website just a click away.

Some previews here :D Setting up this afternoon, I saw the beautiful creations of everyone and its breathtaking. Not to mention the sim itself....you do NOT wanna miss this!

My contribution will be up for sale starting tomorrow with the preview for bloggers and press, and on feb. 6th with the mainpublic show at the brandnew Rezzable Kings sim :)


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