Monday, January 26, 2009

AIFW 2009 outfits released

Hi peoples :)

Ty to everyone for attending the show last night. Since I was stressed out to the max for this show and had some RL stuff happening too, gonna be lazy now for this blog post and copy the info from the note i sent out to my members :P

Believe me, I couldn't wait (and i know some if not all of my fellow designers in the team want this too) to show you the RL pictures we were provided to work with. Out of respect for the RL "designer"and the fact i have no RL fashion background, i will keep the comments to myself but let the pictures do the talking ;)
Ready? Here we go:

This is the vintage dress, which i tried to make as close as possible to the original, however i wanted to add some waist and a belt to make it somewhat nicer. The pack includes a top on all layers, a systemskirt, skirtbase on both layers, prim belt and sculpted shoulder wrap.

Next up is "the tube". As you can see on the RL shot i got, it took a little imagination to make this dress somewhat more attractive then just being a flat red tube, in my honest opinion. So what i did, was adding the black bra straps and made the top into a singlet, and added some flary flexi prims to the bottom of the skirt to cheer it up. Includes top on all layers, systemskirt, 3 flexi prims and skirtbase on both layers.

Here we have "the towel", one of the designs i liked the most compared to the other photo's of the RL designs. Sculptie work is not my strongest feature since i'm learning, so i turned this one into a babydoll style dress, and added a sculpted knot (optional) to get the "towel"wrapped look. Included in the pack: top on all layers, skirtbase on both layers, flexi babydoll, extra top with decoration instead of sculpty knot, sculpt knot.

I saved the best for last ;)

This one i called "The Hammer", refrerring to MC Hammer who use to wear pants like these, in a longer version. When i saw this picture, i immediately knew i couldn't possibly create something like this in SL, it would require me sculptie work simply too complicated for my skills, plus i honestly don't know if it would work in SL, a piece of clothing built like this ;) So what i did was, making a poofy babydoll layered skirt and funked it up somewhat with the black transperant fur and the "flames"on the top. Pack includes: top on both layers, skirtbase both layers, flexi poof babydoll.

Finally, i've made a special guest gift for this show, however I wasn't able to give it out, the gift is included in each pack ;) (yeah, smart huh? :P)

Tillie Ariantho as usual shot some beautifull pictures of the show, which you can watch on her flickr. stream here

TAXI to mainstore

*UPDATE: omg, almost forgot this! The gorgeous, gorgeous SKINS i'm wearing in the showoutfits photo's, are done by the talented Dezi Jarvinen, an upcoming skin designer who just opened her store Staged. I know i'm a skin nitpicker, and hardly ever change skins LOL, but her work amazes me, so if you're interested have a look at her work. While you're there, pick up the lovely red dress as a gift too :) The skins are a mix of handpainting and photosourcing, the results are imo beautiful. Taxi to Staged right here! <3

WOW! That was it! I hope you enjoy the designs :) I'm working on other projects and new releases as we speak so stay tuned :)
take care all!


Grazia said...

I like your versions way better than the RL ones. This RL/SL experiment is interesting, but for me, as far as the RL goes, not more than that. An experiment. It would be totally hot if a real RL designer like Mart Visser or Victor & Rolf were the RL counterpart.

Sere said...

Wow, I already said this to Nef, but I am amazed at how you were able to take such a challenge and put such a great twist on it. Your "recreations" are very stylish, bravo!

gillian said...

ouch. great job working with questionable source material. In the real life photos: Were the bra straps left on accidently? They don't even look finished at the hems and stuff. It just looks like pinned fabric. Good job making something very pretty out of it.

Sascha Frangilli said...

I think we did wonderful as the crap stuff we had to work with, I would not even remotely consider wearing in RL.... ;-)