Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gypsy, gowns and staged :)

My gypsy fever was lit again and so I made some sparkly colored gypsy styled dresses! Each set comes with a wrapped top in all layers, bowtie on the side, skirtbase on all layers and a flexi/sculpted sheer skirt. Three colorcombinations are available:

Let me mention that the beautiful skins i'm wearing are the creations of Dezi Jarvinen of the brand new just opened store Staged! The dark skin is called "Aliyah"
and the tanned lighter one is "Elizabeth" and i'm in absolute love with them :)You'll also find clothes, Dezi is just starting out but has amazing talent which blows me away :) So yeah big phat PLUG for her here *woooot* go check it out, you won't regret ;)

Anyway on to my own stuff LOL! I've also made ballgowns! Yep thats right, ballgowns with a poofy skirt! They are not "battleships" as Sascha calls them, i would call these a modest sailboat maybe? lol! Come in all layers and three colors:

Taxi ride to mainstore here!
That's it for now folks, hope you enjoy!


Sascha Frangilli said...

Style and Class, that is you!


Dezi Jarvinen said...

Sy!! What can i saw you amaze me everyday with what you create. I am inlove with all. ::cheers for SySy:: Oh and thank you for the plug for my skins ;) Love ya!