Saturday, July 19, 2008

Relay for life

Hi everyone!!! This weekend is the end of Relay for Life 2008, this is your LAST chance to get the one of a kind items of which all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society! Our team the DIS team has put all the vendors of all participating designers in one big tent, tp on over to get those items and support RFL!
We're walking laps for two days long, please feel free to join in. Today our team walked through 35 packed sims and let me tell ya, it is really one of the best SL experiences i've had so far! WOOOT! You can also light a lamp for one of your dear ones battling the disease or remember your loved ones. Remember that all proceeds go to the ACS. On those 35 sims there's plenty to do and see, you really dont' wanna miss this one. I took a snapshot of the first lap: the caregivers and survivors. LOOK AT THIS MAP! Isnt' that amazing?

Here's a snappie of Casimone, Jenny and me in a half crashed hotairballoon LMAO

RELAYING...untill there's a cure,

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