Saturday, July 5, 2008

Kiss my @ ..... (lol) & Altamoda & Tour!

^^ Yep! At the time making these outfits, and thinking of a fitting name for them (don't you just hate that sometimes @ fellow designers/creators? Finding the right name??), I was feeling in a *particular* mood so to speak , hehe...and it kinda fits the outfit too. LOL So here it is, Kiss my @... (< kept it somewhat civil) and yes, I was very angry at a certain someone at the time of creating these. :P Venting does help you know, even naming your outfits MUUUHAHAHHA. That all aside, the anger is gone and the venting is done ;) But it did produce these outfits! In gold and silver, i'm totally into these colors nowadays :)
Both come with a sculpted hat, sexy corset, panties, sheer stockings and (not pictured) a black pants for a more toned down look.

Let me just mention that the poses used in the above pictures, are from Stella's Fashion model works and i'm in LOVE with them. So sexy!

More news today: Get the July issue of ALtamoda magazine, you'll get a free bikini you can pick up at the Ewing Fashion District or at my Mainstore ;) The magazine features an interview with me and i'm delighted to have worked with the editors :) What an awesome job they did!
Click here to read the magazine :)

*signing off for tonight*
<3 xoxoxo SySy

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LoxLey Tatham said...

SySy, as come up with some of the cutest outfits and new items. Always love to catch your post and see what you have in store for us.