Thursday, July 24, 2008

Live music & Fishing contest in an hour :)

Hi everyone! We thought it was time again for a fun beachparty, some live music and a fishingcontest :) Tonight (or today depending what part in the world you are) at 11 pm SLT, you're all welcome at the SYDesigns sim to enjoy the tunes of Miss Celie Carter, to dance, shop and join the fishing contest! Prizes for the fishing contest are:

1st place: 500 L$ SYSY's giftcard
2nd place: 300 L$ SYSY's giftcard
3rd place: choice of 3 new lingery sets at your liking!

The fishing contest will start once we have enough participants, estimately 30 minutes after the party started.
Last time we had a blast, we hope this one will be as great again!

Taxi to the sim right here, hope to see you there!
<3 SySy

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