Friday, November 21, 2008


Short post just to tell you about the new outfits: Sayang sets :)
The Sayang sets come in three different colors and each pack contains a black pants with sculpted leg attachements, a colorfull top in all layers, sculpted and flexi transperant long sleeves and an optional sculpted sash.

Up in the mainstore, working on xstreet and onerez listings ;)

I also wanna shortly let you know whats coming up soon, as i'm crazy crazy busy with these events. It's fun though!

December: Expect christmas presents, Vanity Fair Winter Fairy tale expo, Fashion inspired by Black Swan, Stylista Event for Make a Wish, Voodoo Voque models Fashionshow and more. And thats December alone, January will be filled with exciting events and much new fashion too!
Details follow soon ;)

^^ Because you can see i'm awefully busy, the time has come for me to finaly get some assistance for my business. I'm currently looking for someone to be my storemanager/assistant/pr-person/mental coach/punchbag/listening-to-my-whining type of person *ROTFL* , seriously though, I'm hiring an assistant very soon, and all details will be posted ;)