Friday, December 19, 2014

Giftcards on SALE!!!!!

Hi guys!!

A reminder that there's 24 hours left on the 50% giftcards sale at the SYSY's mainstore!
A perfect time for your secret santa's, your boy or girlfriends, your friends, or simply for yourself to be able to shop everything SYSY's for 50% off!
You can choose from 5 denominations:

250L$ --- will get you a 500L$ giftcard value
500L$ --- 1000L$
1000L$ -- 2000L$
2000L$ -- 4000 L$
5000L$ -- 10.000 L$


As a side note, but maybe nice to know: I will be donating all proceeds made from this sale to the Dutch Red Cross. If you're interesting in reading more about that, I did a blog post here

A second reminder: the FREE christmas sweater dress is also still up in the mainstore, so snag that up while you're at it!


Happy Holidays eveyone!
// SySy

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