Monday, March 16, 2009

Ready? Set? GO!!!!!

A little more then an hour and the clothing fair is open!!! I either drank too much coffee or am hyper hyper excited or both but i can't wait :D
At the fair you'll find over 170 (!) designers who all offer their latest releases plus more importantly, their RFL special designs! Come on over and donate donate donate :D
You'll find SySy's in sim #5 The Gift of Life where you can get the two specially designed RFL gowns, the latest releases and the exclusively designed for this occasion L$1 Faith gown as a gift:

sim #5 The Gift of Life has the following designers:

Bewitched Designs Wiccan Sojourner
Adored Clothing and Hair AmySue Shirakawa
Apple May Designs Apple May
Riddle Chrystina Noel
Desirae Designs Kim Seifert
Adam n Eve sachi Vixen
Je táime Mascha Boa
LeeZu Baxter Designs LeeZu Baxter
FUKUNEKO neko Harrop
Haven Designs Delora Starbrook
Kouse's Sanctum Kouse Singh
VR Foundry Vivian Rail
Couture by Cat Catriana Ninetails
azul Mami Jewell
SYSY's SySy Chapman
Goth1c0 Keishii Roo
WorthWhile by Random Calliope Random Calliope
.+*Cipher*+. Cipher Ivory
Freesoul Designs Steffi Villota
Ivalde Neferia Abel
Truth Truth Hawks

See you there!!!
<3 SySy

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