Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Relay for life pt. 1

Lolita Nomura shot this gorgeous pic of me wearing my RFL 2009vHope gown at the Clothing fair <3 Check out her stream for fashionshow and more lovely shots of the RFL clothing fair at her flickr stream!

Yay! Raising some serious $$$ for RFL!! As you all know the clothing fair by the relay raiders team is is full effect and there's soooo many gorgeous items you can buy with 100% of the proceeds going to the ACS. Not only at the clothing fair, but also other teams and stores are setting their vendors with their exclusive items all over the grid. I'm personally supporting & sort of co captaining the United forces against Cancer team & the Relay Raiders @ the clothing fair. But in the end everything lands at the same goal: the ACS. (i strongly suggest some seriously misinformed folks to read that website with facts.) I thought it would be fun to show you some of my favorites so far! I'll do a series of posts so i can show as much as possible, this being part 1 :)

Wearing: *Staged* RFL2009 Goddess Gown & Alienbear's RFL2009 Kielo special necklace and earrings

Wearing: {Zaara}'s Inka Jacket RFL pink, Maitreya's Banksy Monkey yellow shirt & boots and tricorn hat from Smooth Design's Pirate Katie outfit, skirt from Pixel Passion's blackwater RFL outfit

Wearing: Mischief's Past Life Pirate outfit, Digital Eyes Asian dance fans black writing & Adam & Eve's Limited Edition Pashima RFL pink scarf

Wearing: Sam's Secret boutique Escaping from Pirates dress in berry & Studio Sihde flower bangle RFL

And last (for this post) but definately not least:

Wearing: Ivalde's Latana RFL dress & Nicky Ree's Glamour boa in white
So far my favorite items designed for RFL this year. I got TONS and TONS more, will make more posts like this :) Ofcourse you can find many of the above designers at the clothing fair, however not all of them are in there so the links will take you to their mainstores where you'll find the RFL items aswell (for those not in the clothing fair).

Untill there is a cure,
<3 SySy

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