Saturday, September 19, 2009

SySy's New Wool Wrap Sets!

Happy Saturday!!

Well, SySy is a girl who loves options. Lots of them. Sooo...her awesome new release is full of them!

New autumn stuff - Wool wrap sets!

The wool wrap sets are available as a complete set, but also perfect to mix and match with each other or other items. They come in four colors and include every layer possible. The complete sets include: Wool pants with sculpted leg attachments in all layers, wool wrap top with sculpted sleeves and an adorable side bow tie in all layers, an optional tank top to wear either separate or below the wrap top in all layers.

You can purchase them separately, fat pack for the complete set, or buy tank tops separate or even in fat packs. that? The four gorgeous colors are; charcoal, brown, aubergine, and blue. I mentioned she likes options, right? Call me a bit biased but I haven't taken them off since she dropped them on me a few days ago. They are very yummy!

Here is your ride to SySy's! You won't regret it!!!

xo - Soph Harlow