Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lana & SLDD discounts

Hi everyone!

There's a brand new dress out in a style you're not used from me: Lana. The Lana dress is what I call a "Dolly" style dress with a cute laced fluffy skirt, a sleeveless top and lacey assecories such as optional armribbons and a ribbon rope for the neck. As always, Lana comes in all layers possible for easy wearing and a discounted fatpack!

Lana comes in the six colors pictured above, but there's one exclusive color: gold to SLDD members for the month of May :)

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For more information about Secondlife Daily Deals SLDD, please click the shopper registration board you'll find in my store, or visit their website!

As you know, SLDD offers each month items at discounted prices to the members. This month, I did some fatpacks on sale, from low priced to somewhat higher priced, so there's a little something for everyone.
Currently for the entire month of May, as a SLDD member you will get:

* Chandni tops fatpack (12 colors) - 25% off regular price
* Notche dresses fatpack (6 colors) - 10% off regular price
* Strap bikini's fatpack (5 colors) -10% off regular price

Thats all for now,
<3 SySy

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Laura18 Streeter said...

It's so cuuuute!
of course I love the PINK one