Monday, February 8, 2010

Jesse, Noelle, valentines and Artist's voice!

Hello there!

There are two new releases waiting for you at my mainstore: Jesse Jackets and a short version of the Noelle dress :)
The Jesse Jackets are a vest-like jacket type. Wooly and comfy, yet sophisticated. Comes with sculpted collar and sleeves, in five colors (pictured here in black)

There is one special color which is up as a valentine's gift in pink, you can pick that up ONLY at the I <3 Originals Artists voice fair, aswell as a hunt gift!

The Noelle dress is a miniskirt version of the previous released Noelle gown. Comes in all layers and in six bright colors. Pictured here in golden olive and teal:

Also, I'd like to invite you all to the I heart originals fair from Artist's voice, its opening today and will run till February 14th! To read all about the Artists voice group and the fair, visit the website :)
You're taxi to the fair is here!
Taxi to my mainstore here!

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