Sunday, January 31, 2010

Introducing Perse!


Here to tell you about my dear friend Aphrodite Outlander, who most of you know from her store AC creations, is moving into the Rigby sim and will open her brand new store oficially soon! The store is completely rebranded into the name Perse and is open unofficially. Why unofficially? Because we're planning a big party on the sim, to open all our four stores { *Staged*, Baustein, Perse and SYSY's } official! More about that later ;)

For now, Aphrodite's brand new mainstore is open and ready to rock n roll, and as an introductary gift Aph's made this gorgeous Ludique dress as a member gift when you subscribe to her subscribe o matic!


Prettyyyy :D Get it for free while subscribing to the brand new Perse!

<3 SySy

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