Sunday, March 16, 2008

Relay for life & more...

Hi everyone, I got lots to say so please bare with me ;)
As I attended the Relay for life kick off convention two nights ago, my respect for people having to deal with this horrible thing called cancer only grew bigger. Hearing the stories of survivors having to not only deal with the fact they are sick, but also need to worry for medical bills is absolutely heartbreaking. In September last year me and my hubby had to burry a wonderfull co worker of ours, who sadly passed away from lungcancer. Almost all my gramps and grannies on both sides died of cancer. My dear friend is continuously battling tumors growing in her tummy. I think we all know someone, a friend, a familymember, a loved one who in one way or another are forced to deal with this. Therefor i'm humbly happy to be able to do a little part in helping to fight this disease, by gathering as much donations as possibe to help the ACS getting the funds for testing, medication and eventually find a cure.
With that said, i'm really so thankfull and it was heartwarming to see that after i sent a short note to my member group, so many of you came to donate! I AM SO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU!!!!
Today i've put up the first two releases for the RFL fund, all proceeds of these items will go to the ACS. These releases are a limited edition, and will only be out untill the end of RFL. Expect at least two more releases to come for this cause!

I've put out some more new releases today, I will let the photo's do the talking:

Last but not least, a little St. Patricks day gift for you all:

Everything is available in the mainstore, tomorrow aswell on the slex and shoponrez listings aswell as other store locations.
One last time that i'm asking each and everyone of you, to toss some of your L$ in one of the many donation kiosks you'll see all around SL, it really is needed guys! Thank you so much and untill next time,

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