Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter goodies, RFL and new releases!

Yep, easter weekend is starting early for me, as i'm leaving a couple of days for a short holiday ;) Tomorrow i'll be online to finish up some last works, but then i'll be off till monday evening. If you have questions, please leave me a notecard so that my IM's don't cap ;)

Ok so whats new? First, the 3rd RFL release is up now both in my mainstore aswell as in the Spring and Winter sims of the Clothing fair. It's the limited edition of Butterflies, a 3 pack in the RFL colors:

The new release of today is a denim spring set, which comes in 6 different colors. Pictured here in blue, but also available in pink, purple, green, olive and peach.

Now on to the easter goodies, i "hid" 3 baskets in my mainstore (they are like REALLY easy to find lol) with some L$1 easter goodies, two for the ladies one for the men (can also be worn by ladies btw)

That is it for now, just let me again thank everyone for their RFL donations, its needed and appreciated! The total is over 4 mill. so far, we need to make that soooooooooo much higher! Enjoy the easter weekend everyone, untill next time,
S.Y.D. Mainstore

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