Thursday, March 6, 2008

Early springtime for him, Irony for her

Evening fellow residents :) To celebrate Janet's number 1 album Discipline topping the US charts (yep yep i warned yall, big fan!) I have a L$1 promo Janet tank up in my mainstore for fans out there.

The new releases are "Irony" for her (comes in 6 different colors and a fatpack), and "Early springtime" for him. Ladies who want to buy this outfit as a gift for their loved one, you can either buy a giftcard from the vendor in my mainstore for him, or drop me a note and i'll make a nice giftbag which is transferrable ;)

I've also released some new denim separates, two belted jeans in blue and black and a capris with optional prim cuffs.

Quick TP to the mainstore right here :)

Untill next time,

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