Saturday, March 8, 2008

New dresses La Luna

First of all big shout to Ben and Ana for featuring/reviewing my items <3~!

Now...and i'm a little excited about this, cause it took me alot of time and work to get these together hehe, but the first three releases of my brandnew series "La Luna" are out :) Ready? Here we go!

They are featured in the back of the mainstore. Hope you like them!!!
Have a great weekend,
**UPDATE** ...i ALWAYS forget the credits. Bad bad me. From now own will add that, so here we go for these pictures:

Hair (picture 1&3) ETD, (picture 2) Philotic Energy
Skin (picture 1&3) RAC, (picture 2) Minnu Model Skins
Jewelry (picture 3) Muse
Shoes from Maitreya
Poses from Long Akward Pose


Ana Lutetia said...

YW, hon!

-Ana Lutetia

Anonymous said...

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