Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring! Spring! Springgggg!!

Spring is in the air :) (ok not really its friggin cold here and raining, but wishfull thinking) Two new releases: Babydoll springdresses stars, and Bali springdresses. The babydolls come in 4 colors, seagreen (pictured), blue, creambrown and roze. The Bali dresses come in 3 natural colors: brown (pictured), green and orange.

Available in the mainstore as separates or in fatpacks with a good discount.

Picture 1
Hair - Aden windblown
Skin - RAC's Tori
Jewels - Kesskreations Victoria
Shoes - Shiny things spring stiletto's

Picture 2
Hair - SOreal dreadsbun
Skin - RAC's Tori
Jewels - Earthstones
Shoes - Armidi

Have a great evening everyone :)

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