Saturday, March 29, 2008

Don't you....step on my suede pants!

^^Long story that title, but i thought it was funny now;)
Ok, so one new release today, the La Dolce Vita set. It comes with a tight skirt, tunic-ish top with flared sleeves and sheer ruffles around the waist. Four colors available, pictured here in rose.

Also, the release of 2 days ago, the flower power set in red is up in my mainstore for L$1 now. Will stay there for a few days, so come and grab it ;) The story behind it? It's in a notecard in the pack. Just a personal thingy which made me decide to get the bad taste out of my mouth and just give it away and have some good come out of it all :)

Up in the mainstore!
Night night,

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