Saturday, June 21, 2008


Attention Football fans (in particular Dutch fans) I've put out a orange free dress to show your support to the Dutch football team tonight, who must play the quarter finals against the Russian team in a couple of hours. Find the set across the mainstore in the little tiki stores :) You'll also find some amazing new belt releases from HAB creations while you're there!

Also, i've put many items on a L$99 clearance sale! The heartshaped dancefloor is filled with items which will retire after the sale is over, but they will remain availabe on and I'm making room in the mainstore for many new items, so stay tuned for that :)

For the Fishing fans (i know i am one!) I've installed the 7seas fishing game in my sim, so you can fish in a beautifull environment now :)
I'm planning to do contests and events with this soon, will be fun!

*IF* the Dutch football team wins tonight...stay tuned for another blogpost. I will be hiding two L$500 giftcards *somewhere* in the sim, for two lucky finders. Keep an eye on this blog for that.....I will post it directly after the match, in a couple of hours from now. Also PREPARE for some insane partying with crazy orange dressed folks after the game. (that is IF we win. LMAO!)

Thats it for now folks, feel free to explore the sim, as we've expanded it more and more. There's cave's, beaches, surfspots, lounge area's, yogha and meditation, an artifakt which tells you your horoscope a tikibar and so much more!

*Signing off to watch the game*

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