Friday, June 20, 2008

Coney Island event, bday Ravenlynn!

Hi folks! We're celebrating the RL birthday of our sweet Ravenlynn Templar and guess what? She's put out an insane number of dollarbee's for you all! Lovely lovely summer dresses in all colors all up for L$1 for the entire events weekend at Cassi Island. Many more vendors including myself have put up freebies and dollarbees around the sim, so be sure to come and check it out :) Currently we're having a fishing contest, so come on over and you can win some nice prices (including my newest releases, giftcards from the passionate neko and more!)
*Beware of the following snapshots i had to take them in severe lag and low graphic settings LOL* but here's some impressions of the wonderfull gifts around:

I appologize for the bad quality images and the quickly thrown together shots, but to get an impression of whats out there it serves the purpose! HAB Creations has out a lovely belt for just L$1, LVS&co have out uncountable summerdresses all L$1, The Passionate Neko has out new releases, gifts and dollarbee's all over the sim, myself i have up my special orange limited edition sporty plaid set for L$1, a surprise box for L$1 and much much more!
Hop in this cab and see you there!


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