Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beachwear :)

Hi everyone, i've finally released a beachwear line! I've made a small start some weeks ago, but now 8 sets are released. Pictured are some mix and matches, not everything is pictured here so come on over and have a look :) All sets are priced softly for you to look lovely on the beach this summer!

I want to also let you know, that the SYSY's sim is developing, there's more to do then shop! Feel free to explore and look around, today we've set up some pointers so you can see which way is what ;) Some nice relaxing area's, dance spots and a lounge area are to find and there will be much more coming. Did you know for instance, you can sit in all the bent palm trees? *LOL* Dunno why but i just have to mention that, as i love those :D
Before i forget: I've updated the welcome gift for people who join the group! Over 700 members we are now, that to me is A-MA-ZING! WOOT! Current members can get the gift by clicking in the kiosk history of the subscribe o matic sign. New members will automatically recieve it upon joining :)
Anyway, i hope you enjoy the new bikini's and have a great time at the SYSY sim :)
Untill next time,


Nadja Baxter said...

Beachwear ? Why ? :XD
Very nice Work... i hope the sun come out today :))))

SySy Chapman said...

LOOOLLLL ^ ^ Nadja hahaha :) Ty!