Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Flower vert, new beachwear and Altamoda mag!

Goodevening :) 1.30 am for me so i'm on my way to bed and get some sleep (being exhausted from a RL Kylie Minoque concert last night *woooooot*), but first want to post the latest!
So whats new, 1 new fresh summer gown called Flower vert (don't ask me how long that sculpt flower took me to make..hey! its my first flower lol), and 4 new glam bikini's!
All up in the mainstore now, more locations tomorrow.

Flower vert:

Glam bikini's come in 4 colors, two pictured here:

I just had a talk with Ana lutetia who blogged my dresses probably somewhere right below this post haha, much love for doing that Ana :) I always love her photo's!

Last but not least, stay tuned for the new issue of Altamoda magazine! It features an interview with me *giggles* and as most of you know i talk ALOT, so bare with me pls, its probably long! Actually it's an honor for me to get featured in the magazine, and I can't wait till the issue's out. Available from June 28th!

Ok everyone, nite nite for me and a great evening /morning for the rest of the world!
<3 SySy

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