Thursday, June 26, 2008

Love potion, number 23...

^^ The title needs a little explanation. I didn't knew what to name my new release, and a friend told me to "just call it no.23 or something, names are too complicated". Here it is, no.23 in gold and silver :P The sets come with a hotpants, glittery corset, stockings, a sculpted tophat and a "penquin" type jacket. I want to include a warning here, the lowerpart of the jacket is on the skirt layer, please if you got trouble with the SL bug, read the instructions notecard provided in the pack ;)

Other newness today: Funkdresses! Two asymetric fun dresses in olive and red :) Hope you enjoy:

All up in the mainstore :)
Much love to Sasy & Luna for doing lovely reviews on my latest gowns! The attention is overwhelming, but i'm so happy and thankfull you guys like my designs *smiles*

Thats it for tonight,
untill next time,

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