Monday, March 15, 2010

RFL: Fantasy gown in purple

Hi there!

I've gotten some requests to have the RFL Fantasy gown in purple :) (well hey, its purple-esque :P) So here you go, find it in the RFL vendor in my mainstore :) Thanks all for the awesome donations so far!

The other color, indian red is available at the Clothing Fair in the Paris sim!

A small note about the RFL vendors and Kiosks: This year (unlike years before) the Relay vendors accept only the exact amount for the item inside, where as before you could also donate more (or less, just not getting your item then). So when you do want to make a donation, but don't want/can't spend on the item, you can always drop anything from even L$1 in the RFL Kiosk! Remember, every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated!


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