Saturday, March 13, 2010

Let's RELAY!!!!


Relay for life has finally kicked off YAY! As i mentioned in my blogpost of yesterday, I have 4 RFL items up at the clothingfair which just opened its doors!
Today i'm adding two more RFL items in my mainstore: the Sahara dresses. This brand new dress is for RFL fundraising only, and will be only available during this time. Two colorcombinations are up, fresh mixes of teal and violet tones :) The dress comes with a top in all layers, glitch in all layers and a double flexi skirt with sculpted sash. These can be only found in my mainstore, directly when you enter on the right side wall.

The four other RFL items are available ONLY at my store at the clothing fair, find me in the Paris sim :)

If you visit the clothing fair, be prepared there's alot of avatars, so to reduce lag to the best we can, try to wear no scripted items, primmy jewelry, hair, ao's and all that stuff. It's best for all of us!


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