Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Invitation to the brandnew S.Y.D sim! :)

I've been quiet lately on the blogs...and the reason is i've been working sooo hard on the new S.Y.D sim :D *woooot*! It will open June 1st, at 12 PM SLT. Feel free to come party with us, there will be live music and presents and all of that good stuff :D

As you will notice, the mainstore is removed from the place it was, I do however have set up a smaller shop on that place. Please get the new LM there and change it in your inventories aswell ;) The new sim is currently closed for public, but will open its doors on sunday for you all!

A note to my fellow bloggers, please change your slur's and lm's to my new location :D
SLURL to the new mainstore (opens sunday)
SLURL to old mainstore location with smaller shop temporarily

Thank you everyone and I hope to see you sunday! CAN'T WAIT!

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