Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Designers gone mad pt 2

Designers gone mad part 2, lmao. We seriously should make this a monthly collumn :P
Really, alot of designers i know (aswel as myself) we tend to lock ourselves up in our stores/workshops. It's soooo good to step out and just be crazy sometimes. Shop, fish, do whatever, GET OUT YOUR STORES lmao! Aphrodite and me went on a crazy shopping trip last night, omg, have you seen Magika? Was new to me!

I'm also working on new releases, here's a sneaky peak of a dress out very soon:

I know you don't see really much, but thats why its a sneaky peak :P

Shout outs to Tonia Lameth and Nadja Baxter for doing such lovely reviews :)
Untill next time,

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