Friday, May 23, 2008

*** 1 Year S.Y.D Sy Designs :D *** WOOT!

A little over a year in SL...not without them: left to right Mick Clave, Celie Carter, Habibi Habana, Zorya Schnyder and me. <3!!!

First anniversary of S.Y.D :D!! I can't believe its been a year..time flies when you're having fun! I have planned many exciting things, to start of the celebration I've made a limited color edition of my newest release: Attitude! The set comes in silver and black, with a bare shouldertop, base and flexi skirt and feather attachement for the shoulder. For the anniversary there's a red edition in the mainstore for L$1 :)

The regular version:

Up in the mainstore :D

A year...definately NOT without:

Joan Monstre & me

& Aphrodite Outlander, Loxley Tatham, Major McCaw, Laetitia Vella, CK Winx and Yenta Semyorka. Real friends mean ALOT to me <3!!!

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